Infertility Awareness


3 thoughts on “Infertility Awareness

  1. Thank you for sharing your vulnerability. I think this topic resonates with a lot of couples. Keep the faith and please don’t feel uncomfortable. Everyone has a story to tell and no one has everything. My husband and I just recently started trying. However we had a devastating loss six months ago and we can relate to your struggle. Take care!


  2. Have you had basic testing done like AMH and FSH to see what your egg quality looks like, along with get your thyroid tested to make sure its under 2.5? I see a lot of people try to get pregnant for a very long time without doing basic testing like this so that’s why I wanted to bring it up, as knowing these numbers can be extremely helpful so you don’t keep trying without actually having some understanding of what’s going on in your body. My naturopath of all people is the one who suggested it as we told her we were going to start trying. For me it turned out I had diminished ovarian reserve and so it saved us a lot of time of quietly trying and not knowing why it wasn’t working.

    I’m sorry you’re part of this infertility club and hopefully you will find your way out of the club soon.


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