The Power of Pinterest

This blog was originally intended to be a place to share a few favorite DIY projects. I’ve gotten a little sidetracked lately, but I think it’s time to post a bit on one of my favorite past times. I think there is something so amazing about repurposing an old piece of furniture and bringing it new life and spirit. A lot of people ask where to get ideas for some at home project and my go-to answer is always the same: “check Pinterest!” I’ve had several Pinterest fails or #pinstrosities but most of the time Pinterest has saved the day!

Last month my parents were cleaning out my childhood bedroom and from underneath years of clothes and debris they found a desk my Uncle A.J. had built for us years ago. AJ was always crafting or building something, and he loved to surprise us while we were away on a vacation. One vacation we came home and found the desk he built. My uncle passed away on September 19, 2007 and the older I get the more I miss him. I miss him for so many reasons, and one major thing I wish I could talk to him about is DIY projects. He literally taught himself to tile an entry way floor before YouTube was available–and it came out level! And perfect. That takes skill. He was also a big fan of the beach and collected buoys and loved lighthouses (Which if you’ve seen our house you’d know we’re big fans of anything nautical). AJ was always up for a good project and a little fun, and I am so lucky to have had him in my life for 17 years, even though I selfishly wish it had been longer.

So AJ, this DIY project is inspired by you xoxo ❤️


img_1986First, you just need to remove hardware and fill holes with woodfill. Let it dry for a few hours and then sand off access woodfill.

Then, I took it outside and sanded the whole desk down using an electric sander. It was cold out so I forgot to take a picture. Sand it down so that the finish is removed. And then prime (I wanted mine to be a bit glossier than usually so that it would be more resistant for cleaning so I used a semigloss white paint that we had left over from the chicken coop trim. img_1987I ended up doing one coat of primer and 2 coats of white paint.

I found the cutest knobs on and couldn’t resist. Just needed to re-drill a few holes and put on the hardware.


My favorite part was finding the Cross that he had carved into the desk back when we were little. It felt like he was sending us a sweet little message ❤️

And there we have it! Ryan has been studying for a big test so the desk has been useful! And when he’s done studying we’ll find the desk a permanent spot in the house (currently in the living room) If you have a project you’re working on please share! I love any and all DIY projects. img_1991


5 thoughts on “The Power of Pinterest

  1. Robyn this made my day. Love and miss A.J. He was the greatest!!! Thank you so much for sharing. Love you honey. Great job on the desk it’s beautiful


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