Harry Potter State of Mind⚡️

In September I went to Universal in Florida to visit Harry Potter world and in preparation I started re-reading all of the Harry Potter series. These were my absolute favorite books growing up; on the night of the books release my dad and I used to go to Stop and Shop to wait in line so I could start reading them immediately. Since re-reading (technically listening because I’ve been playing audiobooks) many of my recent DIY projects have been Harry Potter inspired.

First thing I did was download a special Harry Potter Font which can be found here. I wanted to surprise one of my coworkers who is a big Harry Potter fan (and also a big coffee fan). I used the downloaded font to type “accio coffee” which is a play on one of the commonly used spells in the books.

On the other side of the mug is a picture of a Gryfinndor colored tie, and on the inside of the mug is supposed to be the “Grim”.

If you haven’t read the books or haven’t read them recently, these details are likely lost on you, but if you are a big nerd like me then you might remember these small details.  This project was easy to do: I bought a regular ceramic mug from Target, sharpie oil based paint markers, and cooked the mug in the oven at 400 degrees for 2 hours. I placed the mug in the oven as it preheated and left it in while it cooled down to make sure it didn’t crack.

img_1995This next project require a few more materials: pallet, saw, nails, hammer, grey stain, white paint, and small paint brush.  First I cut 3 pieces of wood from a pallet to a desired size  (I chose about 20 inches long) and nailed a cross piece in the back to hold them all together.  I wanted a weathered look so I used grey stain to make it look a bit more aged.  I attempted to stencil using the font, however it was really hard to transfer so I ended up eye-balling the letters and painting them on with a small paint brush using white acrylic paint. It wasn’t perfect, but the effort was there.  Then I traced out a profile of a doe on a piece of paper and started hammering down nails along the perimeter of the outline. Once I hammered in the nails (I placed the nails about a centimeter apart, but you could do more or less), I removed the piece of paper.  Then I used string to weave around each of the nails in a random pattern making sure each nail was included. I intended this to be a gift for my brother, but I loved it so much it ended up staying on the wall of our living room 😳🤓


This next project was one of my favorite quotes in the entire seven books. I knew I wanted to use this quote somehow and I searched around for a large piece of scrap wood around the house. I ended up finding a perfect piece of smooth, preprinted wood.

I used a black sharpie and outlining the letters based on another downloaded font. I’m not totally sure what or where I will use this sign, but I love it all the same. Super easy to do and all you need it a smooth surface and sharpie.

And then finally I really wanted to a Harry Potter themed  Christmas present for my brother (since I had kept his last present).  I was brainstorming what would be cute yet functional.  I decided on a key holder with the phrase “Alohomora”  which in the series meant to unlock and open a door.  For this I cut a 15×4 inch piece of scrap wood and sanded it and stained it walnut.  I outlined the word using my handy dandy font and painted it white.  I wanted it to look old and weathered so I sanded the whole thing down at the ended after it was dried.  I think bought 4 small hooks from Home Depot and spray painted them charcoal colored (they were gold brass colored and looked a bit crazy).  I drilled 4 hole equally spaced and then screwed in the hooks. It was easy and fun to do!img_1999



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